The first thing I want everyone to do is watch the "Hare Brush" video located to the left.Then after you go thru the following pages,come back to the video and watch it again. You will not view it the same way you did the first time.

It is the hope of this author this information is presented and laid out so you can see the evolution of the thought process behind the philosophy of this material.

And with that in mind, the information being presented remains exactly as is when first written as to preserve the mistakes, the errors, and the dirt roads we went down in our own voyage of discovery so that these unbeaten paths be brought to you just so you do not have to make the same mistakes I and others made along the way as you now get the opportunity to make and experience your own.

Just rememeber, I do not give 2 shits what you do with this information as I built this website so I would not have to keep answering the same questions and going over the same information and quite frankly, I grow weary and tire of the mundaneness, but I hope you will let it ingrain within your heart and you will then put what you "learn" into practice so the information becomes knowledge and you have first hand evidence upon which you can help others grow as you will have grown.

Good luck and peace and prosperity be with you.

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